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The infrared experience . . .

We are pleased to announce that SAWO Finland have recently introduced a number of self assemble infrared sauna room options to their traditional sauna room range. SAWO decided to branch into this popular area of the sauna market to meet the demand from their clients. As traditional sauna has long been their forte, this is a big step both in terms of technology and thinking.

The main difference between infrared and traditional sauna bathing is that infrared sauna rooms heat objects rather than the space around them using panels that emit long infrared wavelengths. As a result, infrared rooms are much cooler than traditional hot rock sauna rooms. For a good overview of the differences between the two types of sauna rooms and potential benefits of infrared sauna use please

SAWO's infrared sauna panels are sourced from Europe and are similar to their traditional counterparts, in that the rooms are constructed from Western Red Cedar providing a familiar aromatic experience. There are currently one and two person kitset rooms available which are supplied with all of the items you need for your sauna. SAWO also produce portable infrared backrests that can be used around the home and workplace. You can view the new range on their website here.

Please contact us if you have any questions about infrared sauna.



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