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Correct maintenance . . .

It is vitally important to undertake regular servicing of sauna and steam room equipment to ensure it is operating safely and efficiently.

Regular maintenance of equipment can also identify problems before they occur.

This can reduce the possibility of damage and the potential inconvenience of downtime. It often also extends the longevity of the equipment.

Manufacturers do recommend and expect equipment to be serviced on a regular basis as per the manuals supplied at the time of purchase.

Servicing regularity depends on a number of factors - commercial or residential installation, general care, amount of usage and water quality amongst other things.

As a general rule for a commercial sauna, six monthly is the recommended timeframe for servicing. For a commercial steam room, a minimum of three months is advisable, however bi-monthly or even monthly servicing may be required.

A residential sauna requires a bi-annual service, whilst an annual check-up for residential steam room is often sufficient. We can provide specific recommendations for your particular configuration.

Servicing ensures internal and external components are cleaned and operating correctly and that all electrical connections are safe. It also identifies potential issues and assists with future maintenance planning. We provide a detailed written report on any works undertaken and recommendations on our findings.

Discounted service charges are offered to clients who have purchased their equipment from us. We can also service other equipment brands.

Contact us anytime to discuss the options:

. . . And remember, this is just some of what can happen to your equipment if

correct and timely maintenance is neglected.


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