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Every now and then an innovative new product appears on the market that has us thinking what a simply brilliant idea and why have we waited so long!

We are often approached by potential clients seeking an alternative to an electrically heated sauna room. Perhaps due to power supply limitations, their proposed sauna location or simply the desire for a more traditional sauna experience. Often, these clients are living in a rural setting and have an abundance of timber available so a wood-fired sauna room is an ideal solution.

SAWO have recently added a high quality barrel sauna to their extensive range of self-assemble sauna rooms and they are already proving extremely popular in Australia.

Constructed from western red cedar, these barrel saunas are unique in that they have

two-tiered benching similar to a square shaped room. This allows clients to sit upright on the upper bench and access the hottest part of the room or the lower bench when they want relief from the heat. On the outside the panels are wrapped and fastened with stainless metal rings, making them robust and well constructed to survive our harsh conditions.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the outdoor sauna is supplied with ashphalt shingles covering the roof area. Size is also variable and the sauna is available in lengths up to 2.7 metres with an overall height of 2.3 metres, which means most people can stand comfortably.

This product can be heated by either a wood-fired or electric heater, making it equally at home in a suburban setting where internal space inside the home is limited but there is backyard to spare. There is something quirky yet adventurous in the practical design which is sure to attract attention.

In essence SAWO have thought of everything . . . just what you would expect from a company passionate about the sauna experience and highly responsive to customer needs.

We anticipate these barrel saunas will be very well received by our Victorian customers and are just perfect for our outdoor lifestyle.

For more information contact us at

or phone 0429 303 271.


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