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All the latest news in Saunas and Steam Rooms . . .

A work in progress . . .

SAWO Finland outdoor 'Paradise' sauna.

A glimpse of our 'Paradise' self-assemble sauna installed just this week in St.Kilda.

Our installer refurbished the deck in Merbau, assembled the sauna and constructed

a Colorbond roof in 'Woodland Grey' colour. Then the external timber was stained

with Cutek CD50 in the 'Rustic Gold' colour.

For the next stage of the build our electrician has been booked in to connect the sauna. However, a switchboard and supply upgrade are also required which will add some extra time to the project.

There are always many elements that need to come together to complete a sauna installation and we are confident in guiding our clients safely through the process.

We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to navigate any technical and logistical problems that may arise.

Your job as the client - Simply choose the location. We will do the rest.

Contact us anytime to discuss your plans . . .


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