DIY Sauna Kits


'A premium quality sauna room at an affordable price.' 

Self-install SAWO Sauna Rooms for your Home or Outdoor Space


SAWO have been designing traditional Finnish sauna kits in a complete self-install model for many years.  Using premium quality materials and the trademark high craftsmanship that SAWO are known for, these prefabricated sauna rooms are not only well constructed but they look great too.  Every room is pre-assembled in SAWO's production facility before being disassembled and packed, ready for shipping to their final destination.  In this way you can be confident that you will always receive a complete sauna kit.  They can be installed as a home sauna kit and provide the added advantage that they can be disassembled and re-assembled in a new location if the need arises. 


Sauna Kits For Any Space


The Sunset, Temptation and Paradise DIY sauna rooms are the 3 most popular room sizes in the SAWO range.  They are perfect for placement inside or outside the home, on a balcony, beside a pool or in a home gym or bathroom.  Other rooms sizes including customised kits are available on a special order basis.   Why not contact us to discuss!

The rooms are supplied as complete and ready to assemble Do It Yourself sauna kits, including:


  • Western red cedar insulated wall and ceiling panels, benching, skirts and backrest

  • Heater safety rail

  • SAWO glass door with magnetic lock

  • SAWO Premium stainless steel sauna heater with built in controls, heater size is

       matched to the specific room

  • Peridotite sauna stones

  • Western red cedar sauna pail and ladle

  • Sauna light and shade cover

  • Thermometer/hygrometer


Your sauna kit arrives flat packed with easy to follow instructions, and all the hardware required to assemble your DIY sauna kit room in a few hours.  A qualified electrician is required to undertake the electrical works in relation to the sauna heater and lights.  If you don’t have the time - 'The Sauna Company' can fully install your new sauna kit in most areas.


Contact us today to discuss your sauna room requirements.

DIY Sauna Packages


For the builder or home handyman that wants to construct a sauna themselves, we offer a DIY sauna package option which provides most of your requirements. This includes providing information, determining a suitable sauna room layout and supplying the SAWO equipment, western red cedar, and SAWO accessories.  In some cases we may also be able to supply a western red cedar framed door. 

Sunset Kit Floorplan

Sunset:  1 – 2 person self assemble sauna, which includes a 3kW SAWO Mini X sauna heater.  

Size 1362 x 1362mm.











Temptation Kit Floorplan

Temptation:  3 - 4 person self assemble sauna, L shape upper bench which includes a 4.5kW SAWO Scandia sauna heater.

Size 1552 x 1552mm.











Paradise Kit Floorplan

Paradise:  5 person self assemble sauna, L shape upper & lower bench, which includes a 6kW SAWO Scandia sauna heater.

Size 1552 x 1962mm.














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