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23 great things . . .

Recently we posted an article on our Facebook page compiled by on the

23 benefits of saunas according to science. There were some points noted that even managed to surprise us!

Below is the list of 23 benefits backed by scientific studies - you can check out the full article here.

In essence regular sauna use is good for you. It’s what we’ve always known and why we stock the premium brand of home sauna, SAWO Finland.

In the process we’ve also managed to find a great website that reviews the best in product claims and sorts information in an easily referenced form with links to the actual research papers available online. Well done and thanks for the compilation. Please check them out for research on all manner of products and services - a really great site!

Feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion about sauna or steam rooms & equipment.

We are here to assist you any way we can.

1. Saunas Can Lower Blood Pressure and Prevent Heart Disease

2. Saunas Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

3. Experience Less Headaches with Saunas

4. Saunas Boost Muscle Recovery from Strength Training

5. Saunas Have a Positive Effect on Rheumatoid Arthritis

6. Frequent Sauna Sessions Can Lower Risk of Cardiac Death

7. Regular Sauna Bathing Can Prevent the Common Cold

8. Daily Sauna Helps With Detoxification

9. Saunas Can Aid Weight Loss

10. Live Longer Because of Regular Sauna Bathing

11. Using a Sauna is Good for Your Skin

12. Saunas Protect Your Brain and Boost Mental Performance

13. Saunas are Good for Healing Muscles and Wounds

14. Saunas Possess Anti-Oxidative Properties

15. Saunas Have a Positive Effect On the Endocrine System

16. Daily Sauna Bathing Can Help Curb Symptoms of Asthma

17. Sauna is a Good Cholesterol Lowering Therapy

18. Accelerate Psoriasis Treatment with Regular Sauna Bathing

19. Saunas Encourage Social Interaction

20. Saunas Promote Hair Growth and Shine

21. Saunas Boost Muscle Performance in Adults

22. Repeated Sauna Therapy Can Impact Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

23. Increasing Sauna Bathing Can Kill Cancer Cells


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