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Sauna Heaters . . .


'Designed with your health and relaxation in mind.'

Whatever your sauna room size, heater purpose or operational preferences we have an electric sauna heater in the SAWO range that will meet your needs and provide you with a very pleasurable sauna bathing experience.


SAWO sauna heaters are known around the world for their quality, reliability and affordability.  Finnish designed and manufactured to an Australian specification, SAWO have developed a range of sauna heaters that will satisfy the most discerning purchaser.


Browse the range below or contact us today by phone or e-mail to discuss your sauna heater requirements, we would love to be of assistance to you. 


View our SAWO Heater Range Below

For details on each model click on the relevant image below.  All heaters are manufactured to an Australian Specification.  Technical information is also available to download for each individual model or visit the specified sauna heater manual.

We undertake sauna service and repair work on all sauna and steam equipment, specialising in the SAWO Finland brand. 

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