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Savonia & Super Savonia . . .

Medium to very large sauna room.  The Savonia Family are stainless steel electric heaters designed to withstand extreme heat but need little care and maintenance.  They can hold a large volume of sauna stones (up to 100kg) which gives a more pleasant sauna steam experience.  They are an easy to install floor standing heater with adjustable leg supports.  Suitable for installation in apartments, hotels, resorts, fitness and leisure centres and other commercial facilities.  Savonia is available in 9kW, 10.5kW and 12kW. 

Super Savonia is available in 15kW and Super Savonia V12 has a power range of 18kW up to 24kW.  The Savonia 9kW (SAV90-NB) heater is the only one available with a built-in control panel.  Can only be connected to 3-phase power supply.

Click here to download technical information for the Savonia. 

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